Exeter – The Lemon Grove

Exeter University’s Lemon Grove has held a few well known names over the years, recent names being Aitch, Slade and Tom Walker. It is a small, but well loved venue by the locals and university students. I went to see Scouting For Girls there December 2nd 2019, even though I have lived near this venue for half of my life this was my first time going there and I had a rather pleasant experience.

The actual venue itself is split into two rooms, one with a bar in the middle and the other holding the stage. It has a capacity of 800, but as it’s got low ceilings and is a small room you don’t notice the lack of bodies. The room holding the bar had enough staff to easily cater to everyone’s needs with the drinks being decently priced.

I’m not sure about parking availability, I live locally so had a friend drop me off, however as it is on university grounds I can’t imagine it would be too hard to find parking near by. With it being on university grounds too, it appeared to be connected to their student union and it had a small shop nearby. I’m not sure if it was just my event, but I bought a couple of snacks from that shop before the event and they weren’t confiscated upon arrival like some venues do.


  • Good atmosphere
  • Cheap tickets
  • Great location for university students


  • If a known artist/ band plays there it sells out fast

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