Birmingham – Utilitia Arena Birmingham

A venue that I go to frequently, Utilitia Arena Birmingham (UAB) is near the center of Birmingham however just enough to the side that it’s easy to drive to. The arena holds events for huge artists, some of the ones I have seen include Ariana Grande, Katy Perry and Madonna.

The venue has a lot of hotels surrounding it in various prices so you will find something within your price range. I always stay at The Hilton Garden Inn when I go to this venue as it’s a good walking distance away and they serve waffles at their breakfasts! (I’m a sucker for a waffle, if you want a good recipe for one DM my on one of my socials and I’ll send it over. I digress…. )

The actual venue itself has a decent layout and is easy to find where you need to go when you’re in there. However getting in is always confusing, they never tell you where to enter so I always have to find someone to ask there are usually people dotted around so you can usually always find someone. It’s also a bit of a free-for-all until you get to the 5 meters of barrier near the door, from there your bags are checked and you have a metal detector wand scan you over, have your tickets checked and you’re in.

The floor of the venue is decently sized, so can fit pretty much any stage design in. I have yet to go to a concert here where they have struggled to accommodate the artist’s stage.

Leaving this venue however is a rather stressful event. I hang around after the show for as long as I can to try an avoid the crowds, but even then, they’re still awful. During the day time this venue is in a beautiful location, in amongst Birmingham’s canals, however when a 15,800 capacity venue is let out of a show those canals and small bridges lead to a lot of crowd build up and it has the potential to be quite dangerous. Another thing to note, once you have left the arena, you aren’t allowed back in. The security guards will not let you back in to wait for the crowds to dissipate, you have to stay outside.


  • Holds well known artists
  • Easier to get tickets to that London
  • Cheaper than London
  • Easy to get to
  • Flexible stage
  • Good surrounding hotels


  • Stressful leaving
  • Security isn’t as good as London

Definitely recommend this venue to attend any type of concert

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