How to get the best tickets

In order to have the best experience at a concert, the seats you’re in will play a large part in it.

Over the years of going to concerts, I have picked up quite a few tips and tricks for getting the best seats, some are rather easy for everyone to be able to do, others may require you taking out specific credit cards in order to get access to presales.

These tips are coming from a concert veteran, so they may seem a bit extreme, but it has taken me a few years to find the perfect recipe for buying the best tickets every time.

Tip 1. Plan. When you find out your favourite artist is going on tour, work out exactly where you want to see them first as some venues sell through more sites than just Ticketmaster. I am going to create a page with all the different ticket sites that I have found over the years that you should check each time someone announces a tour.

Once you have figured out where you want to see them and where you can buy tickets, workout all the presales available to you. There are usually artist presales if you buy their album, however if you go onto their websites, they usually have a ‘no purchase necessary’ button where you can sign up to that presale.

Standard presales are:

  • Artist presale
  • Live nation
  • O2
  • American Express

On the day of each sale, I recommend going onto the site an hour before they go up, then checking it every 10 minutes. Some sites sometimes put tickets up a little early.

Before tickets go on sale, open up another tab, or have a seating plan up on a different device.

My biggest tip over everything is to have two tabs open for getting tickets. When tickets go on sale, get some in your basket, then go to your other tab and continue to get tickets and let them go until you get some better ones. Then switch back to your original tab, release those tickets and repeat the process until you are happy with the tickets you have.

Sometimes it takes me an hour of refreshing for tickets before I get some I’m happy with, other people will be doing something similar to you, so you could get tickets they release.

Now, don’t be discouraged if you don’t get tickets you wanted during presales, or even during the proper thing. Keep checking throughout the day as sometimes they release extra tickets later on.

If you are really determined to get the best seats available and you go to London’s O2 Arena most, I highly recommend getting an American Express credit card. They have seats set aside for Amex card holders and some of my best seats have been due to that card. I got 3rd row of section 101 to Capital’s Jingle Bell Ball in 2019 and front row Billie Eilish for her shows in 2022. Those tickets sell out so fast and I cannot believe how lucky I was to get those tickets.

Now, one more sneaky trick that I urge you to keep to yourself. While you are at the concert, after the opening act has been on, if you go to Customer services and ask if they have any seat upgrades available for you, they will give you seats that haven’t sold. It is 100% worth the ask. I got upgraded from section 410, right up at the very top of the O2 (I could touch the back wall behind me) to second row of 112 for Ariana Grande last year. I got to sit in £150 seats for the £60 i paid for mine and had the absolute best time.

If anyone else has any tips, or if you have any questions at all please comment, or send me a DM on one of my socials linked.

Happy concerting

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